“David Irons: American Patriot” by Charlie Childers

“David Irons: American Patriot” by Charlie Childers

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David Irons was a brilliant student graduating first in his class at Texas A&M University, where he played football. His disappointment was not being good enough to play for the Dallas Cowboys. His alternative was to go to medical school and join his father's practice as an orthopedic surgeon.

Through a strange incident in the mountains of Colorado, his physical make up was changed. His friend, Scot Morgan of the Cowboys, saw him run and arranged a try out. He played for the Cowboys becoming the MVP of the National Football League in his first and only year.

Having rescued the wife of Joseph Ordway, a prominent industrialist, from kidnappers, David was enticed to join the firm of Ordway Enterprises. the world's largest armament manufacturer. Persuaded by Mr. Ordway, Admiral Bonner of the National Security Agency (NSA) and a close friend of Joe Ordway, recruits David to become an under cover agent to lead the fight against global terrorism. By circumstance his first mission was to rescue his new bride who was abducted on their honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta. The culprit was the internationally sought after terrorist and drug kingpin, Ramon Estebon. David trailed Estebon through the jungles of Columbia where he found his beloved Carrie, dying from a drug over dose. The senseless murder of his wife created in David an intense hatred for Ramon Estebon and men of his ilk.

Throughout the pages of David Irons: American Patriot, David's passion drives him to seek out and destroy terrorists who plot against America and its resources. His love for country is evident as he campaigns for conservative ideals and against growing socialistic trends in government. He carries out covert operations in Columbia, Turkey, Syria, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and the U. S. The book is filled with action, suspense, humor, romance and passion. It is a page turner, entertaining from beginning to the end.