Fightin' Texas Aggie Band "The Enduring Pride" CD

This new Aggie Band CD features classic favorites and maybe some you haven't heard before as well!

  1. Texas Aggie War Hymn
  2. St. Julien
  3. March America
  4. Colonel Bogey
  5. Patton
  6. Our Glorious /National Emblem
  7. Pentland Hills
  8. Parade of the Charioteers
  9. The Viking March / Strategic Air Command
  10. Our Gallant Infantry
  11. Spirit of the First Division
  12. The Sinfonians
  13. British English
  14. Cathedral Chorus
  15. Service Medley
  16. God Bless the USA
  17. National Anthem
  18. Texas Our Texas
  19. Noble Men of Kyle
  20. The Spirit of Aggieland