"Magarkin: The Original Ol’ Sarge" by Pete Tumlinson '42

From Magarkin, the Original Ol' Sarge on the cover, to the most recent image produced by the Corps of Cadets Association, Ol' Sarge has had many versions that have served as a rough and ready iconic logo for Texas A&M for 75 years. Ol' Sarge first evolved in 1938 from the pen of Pete Tumlinson, a Cadet artist and member of the Class of 1942. Tumlinson worked on the Battalion Humor Magazine which also featured his popular creations of Fish Blotto, Battalion Betty, and the Tumlinson Boy. All of these are included in this hardback book along with campus humor, jokes, cartoons, and stories from that time.

Tumlinson, along with thousands of Texas Aggies, was swept into World War II. He returned to finish his degree in 1946 and then went on to earn a successful career as a cartoonist with the New York Post and Marvel Comics and later as a commercial artist and illustrator in Texas.